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    33th BMO, Albania 5-10 May, 2016
  • Kangaroo Competition Organization


    Albanian Mathematical Association

BMO 2016 webpage released

on .

The new webpage for the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad 2016 that will take place in Tirana, Albania from 05-10 May is released. For more information please visit

IMO, 4-16 july 2015, THAILAND

IMO, 4-16 July 2015, THAILAND
(International Mathematical Olympiad)

Albanian team:
Leader: Adrian Naço
Deputy Leader: Fatos Kopliku
Abserver A: Enkel Hysnelaj

MYMC 7- 10 july, Trieste, ITALY

MYMC 7- 10 july, Trieste, ITALY
(Mediterrian Youth Mathematical Competition).

Albanian team:
Leader: Robert Kosova
1. Laura Sheshi- bronze medal.
2. Naisila Puka - bronze medal.
3. Rei Myderrizi- bronze medal.
4. Keivin Isufaj - bronze medal.

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